Refund Policy


  • Products are customised through the handcraft process after payment. You cannot return it except in case of a defect in the product.

  • We are not responsible for any replacement/return/damage compensation for products damaged by consumer negligence or products whose warranty period has ended. If repair is possible, separate repair costs will be charged.

  • Customer will pay for the shipping cost of the product except for the return/exchange due to our mistake.

  • Exchange/return request is possible within 7 days of receiving the supply. Unilateral requests not discussed with us may be withdrawn. In principle, the service request is first received through E-Mail, and after application, the service is processed after consultation with the consumer.

  • The customer must attach this warranty when requesting a repair/exchange or refund.

If return/exchange is possible

  • Seller's fault [delivery of products with different colour, size, etc.]

If return/exchange is not possible

  • It is impossible to cancel due to a simple change of mind during the production process because Products are customised through the handcraft process after payment.

  • If you ordered the wrong size, cannot exchange or return it. Please check carefully before ordering.

  • Due to the nature of handcrafts, subtle differences between product photos and products cannot be a reason for return.

  • Where the product is lost or damaged due to the fault of the consumer [Provided, That except where packaging is damaged to verify the contents]

  • If the value of the product is significantly reduced due to consumer use.

  • When the value of the product has decreased significantly over time.

  • Products individually according to consumer needs.

Please contact me via E-Mail/Instagram for more information on return/exchange